BioMAP® Phenotypic Profiling Services

BioMAP® Phenotypic Profiling Services

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Human disease biology is complex and we are only now beginning to fully decipher the countless chemical and physical interactions that contribute to the disruption of normal processes to manifest in disease pathology. It is easy to understand why predicting the effects of a novel compound on disease biology remains a significant challenge. Numerous strategies have been developed for identifying the target, mechanism, selectivity, and potency of a compound, however, many approaches are one-dimensional and fail to capture the complexity of patient physiology in vitro. The BioMAP Phenotypic Profiling Platform overcomes these challenges by mirroring complex tissue and disease biology in vitro and has been validated using approved drugs and known test agents to recapitulate reported clinical outcomes. The BioMAP platform is the best available service to:
  • Triage candidates prior to in vivo experiments or IND submission
  • Test compounds for safety and efficacy
  • Inform preclinical design and biomarker selection
  • Manage product lifecycle and reposition existing drugs