[User Manual] InCELL Hunter™ Target Engagement Assay Kit

[User Manual] InCELL Hunter™ Target Engagement Assay Kit

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The InCELL Hunter™ Target Engagement Assay Kit provides a simple and easy-to-use method for building on-demand intracellular binding assays. This unique platform allows rapid generation of cell-based assays that measure quantitative changes in protein stability upon compound binding. Whether you are studying intracellular protein or lipid kinases, phosphodiesterases, methyltransferases or small domain proteins such as bromodomains where inhibitors with <100nM cellular potency are available, the complete set of vectors and assay development tools combined with an optimized transfection protocol and EFC-based chemiluminescent detection makes it the ideal platform for measuring direct compound-target engagement in mammalian cells. The kit includes ePL cloning vectors, positive and negative binding control vectors, tool compounds, anti-ePL antibody and optimized detection reagents. Kits are designed for 384-well analysis and include enough detection reagents for up to 400 data points.