[User Manual] InCELL Pulse™ Target Engagement Starter Kit

[User Manual] InCELL Pulse™ Target Engagement Starter Kit

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The InCELL Pulse Target Engagement Starter Kit provides reagents and protocols for the design and development of InCELL Pulse assays for the measurement of inhibitor cellular potency against user-defined protein targets of interest. The assay applies DiscoverX’s proprietary enzyme fragment complementation (EFC) technology to measure ligand dependent thermal stabilization of target proteins in a cellular context. InCELL Pulse assays employ a simple protocol requiring minimal hands-on time and enable the measurement of quantitative inhibitor EC50 values. InCELL Pulse assays have been successfully developed for a number of enzymes from diverse classes, including protein kinases, methyltransferases, and hydrolases. For information on assay-ready target specific InCELL Pulse kits and to view data for additional targets, please visit discoverx.com/incell.