Membrane Preparations

The study of cellular membrane proteins is critical for understanding their influence in diseases 
and their response to therapeutics. To enable this study, Eurofins DiscoverX offers a vast menu of membrane preps that have been derived from stable cell lines for hERG ion channel and several GPCRs. Single-use membrane preps provide excellent performance and are continuously validated with our GPCR, ion channel, and safety screening and profiling services used to screen millions of compounds.

  • Stable - Derived from ChemiSCREEN™ and PrecisION® stable cell lines for superior cell surface expression and lot-to-lot consistency

  • Robust Performance - Large signal-to-background ratios, reproducible results, and specific and high total ligand binding

  • Versatile Use - GPCR membrane preps are qualified for saturation and competitive radioligand binding and GTPγS functional studies, while hERG membrane preps for radioligand binding assays

ChemiSCREEN GPCR Membrane Preps

These purified cellular membranes are optimized for high levels of target GPCR proteins, and allow for the separation of such proteins from the cell membrane. This type of separation is intended for the following types of screening:

  • ​Binding affinities using radiolabeled ligands
  • GPCR activity through radiolabeled GTPγS

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