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Eurofins DiscoverX offers a comprehensive portfolio of product solutions against a broad range of target classes for basic research through drug discovery and development programs.


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Discover the industry's largest portfolio of GPCR cell lines, cell-based assays, and kits designed to detect GPCR signaling through second messenger or GTPγS activation, arrestin recruitment, and receptor internalization. Our broad collection of human and ortholog GPCR assays in a wide variety of functional readouts gives you complete flexibility to choose the ideal screening platform that meets your specific project needs. 


Utilize PathHunter® functional assays to study kinase activation for multiple receptor tyrosine kinases; perform kinases activity assays with largest commercially available portfolio of available recombinant kinases; or confirm compound cell entry and measure target binding using InCELL target engagement assays.

Checkpoint Receptors 

PathHunter Checkpoint assays includes an expanding menu of cell-based assays that can enable screening and potency assays for immunotherapy drugs. These biologically relevant cell-based assays do not require primary cells, have a simple protocol, and provide a highly sensitive response in less than 5 hours.

Ion Channels 

Ion channels are not only significant drug targets, they are also critical for evaluating drug safety. Take advantage of PrecisION® high-quality cell lines and hERG membrane prep for target discovery, hit screening, and lead optimization.

Cytokines & Interleukins

PathHunter Cytokine receptor assays are designed to be highly specific, with a simple protocol, large signal to noise ratio, high matrix tolerance and have high reproducibility. This has enabled their broad usage in functional screening, functional characterization, QC lot release assays and neutralizing antibody studies.

Signaling Pathways

Eurofins DiscoverX offers a collection of cell-based pathway indicator assays designed to detect activation or inhibition of complex signal transduction pathways in response to compound treatment. These biosensor assays allow you to measure distinct events within a variety of pathways involved in compound toxicity, cholesterol metabolism, antioxidant function, DNA damage, and ER stress.

Nuclear Proteins 

PathHunter Nuclear Hormone Receptors (NHRs) cell-based assays are ideal for measuring NHR transcriptional activation, translocation, and NHR-coactivator/corepressor interaction. These assays do not require downstream transcriptional activation or lengthy compound incubations characteristic of standard reporter gene assays, but instead provide rapid protocols to minimize cell toxicity and false positive rates, yielding results with high specificity.

Epigenetics Proteins 

Eurofins DiscoverX offers various epigenetic readers, writers, and erasers as well as cell-based assays to identify small molecule inhibitors and modifiers of DNA methyltransferases, bromodomains, and other emerging epigenetic targets.

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