Cell-Based Custom Assays for Bromodomains

Leverage our unique InCELL platform to build custom cell-based assays for a large number of therapeutically relevant Bromodomain targets. The InCELL platform enables measurement of cellular rank order potencies using a simple screen friendly and HTS-compatible protocol.

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Do it Yourself Contract Services (Custom Assay Development)

Obtain the InCELL Pulse™ Target Engagement Starter Kit to create your compound-target engagement assays.
Option A Option B Option C
Delivery of functionally validated pool Delivery of functionally validated clones Data delivered: Compound testing on functionally validated clones
  • Develop assay
  • Validate and optimize with compound
  • Isolate single cell clone
  • Test compound libraries
  • Validation with compound
  • Optimizations
  • Isolate single cell clone
  • Validate with compound
  • Clonal stability
  • Send us your compounds
  • Obtain high quality data

Select bromodomain targets to consider for the development of target-specific, functionally validated, bromodomain cell pools or clones.
BAZ2A CECR2 PB1(2) SP140 WDR9(1)
Brd7 FALZ PHIP(1) WDR9(2) TAF1(1,2)

How does the assay work?

The InCELL Hunter technology is based upon stabilization of the ePL (enhanced ProLabel) tagged bromodomain upon interaction with a compound inside the cells. The increase in the steady state levels of the ePL-bromodomain in the presence of compound is measured by the exogenous addition of EA (Enzyme Acceptor) fragment. The resulting β-galactosidase enzyme cleaves a substrate to generate chemiluminescent signal that proportionally increases in the presence of increasing concentrations of a compound.
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Test these cell pools along with your own tool compounds to isolate and validate single cell clones or send us your compounds and our custom assay development team will derive your target-specific functionally validated bromodomain clone.

Following is complete list of Bromodomain cell pools

Target Part Number
InCELL Hunter™ Bromodomain Cell Pools
ATAD2B 96-0011P1
BAZ1A 96-0012P1
BAZ1B 96-0013P1
BAZ2A 96-0014P1
Brd7 96-0015P1
BRPF3 96-0016P15
BRWD3(2) 96-0017P1
CECR2 96-0033P1
FALZ 96-0034P1
GCN5L2 96-0018P15
MLL 96-0019P1
PB1(1) 96-0020P15
PB1(2) 96-0021P1
Target Part Number
InCELL Hunter™ Bromodomain Cell Pools
PCAF 96-0035P1
PHIP(1) 96-0022P1
PHIP(2) 96-0023P1
PRKCBP1 96-0024P1
SP110 96-0025P1
SP140 96-0026P1
TAF1(1,2) 96-0027P1
TAF1L(1) 96-0028P1
TAF1L(2) 96-0029P1
TRIM33 96-0030P1
WDR9(1) 96-0031P1
WDR9(2) 96-0032P1

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BROMOscan℠ Biochemical Screening & Profiling Services

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Kit Contents

Now available in 2 convenient kit sizes

  • Frozen PathHunter® eXpress cells: 1 vial: half 96- well plate, 2 vials: full 96-well plate
  • Optimized cell plating reagents
  • Pre-diluted control ligands    
  • PathHunter® Detection Reagents
  • 96-well Tissue Culture Treated Plates