Eurofins DiscoverX Applications and Products

Eurofins DiscoverX® is committed to enabling and accelerating your multi-modality drug discovery and development from discovery to QC lot release by providing you with one of the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive collections of qualified reagents, biochemical and cell-based assays, cell lines, and custom assay development services.




Drug Discovery & Development

Gain new insights for your drug candidate with product solutions from the broadest and most comprehensive collections of established biochemical and cell-based assays, cell lines, and reagents and custom assay development services. Discover for yourself how Eurofins DiscoverX enables you to accelerate your drugs development from discovery through QC lot release.



Cell Banks for Bioassays

Confidently de-risk your biologics’ lot release strategy by establishing a dedicated analytical cell banks for your bioassay.



Potency & QC Lot Release

PathHunter® Bioassays are ideal for determining drug potency and stability using a simple and rapid, mix and read protocol that reflects the drug’s clinical mechanism of action (MOA). These validated assays have been optimized for superior bioassay performance to enable a successful regulatory submission package, increasing quality and ultimate success of the program.



Detect Neutralizing Abs

Detect neutralizing anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) or NAbs in patient serum samples with high sensitivity and reproducibility. These functional cell-based assays provide a simple, quick method to identify Nabs for immunogenicity studies.



Cytotoxicity Assays

Utilize KILR® cytotoxicity assays to detect cancer cell death through various mechanisms of action such as antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC), complement dependent cytotoxicity (CDC), antibody dependent cell phagocytosis (ADCP), cytotoxic t-cell lymphocyte mediated death (CTL), bi-specific antibody mediated T-cell redirection, chimeric antigen receptor t-cell (CAR-T) and adoptive T-cell therapies.




Target Engagement

InCELL Hunter and InCELL Pulse cellular compound-target engagement assays provide the ability to confirm compound cell entry and target binding. These assays are qualified and designed for screening inhibitors, validating hits identified in biochemical assays, measuring cellular EC50 values, and ranking compounds – all in the native cellular environment.



Translocation Assays

PathHunter protein translocation cell-based assays provide the ability to study the movement, such as receptor internalization, of your protein of interest to and from these different cellular compartments (e.g. membrane, endosome, nucleus), and analyze the pharmacological effects of compounds or biologics on these translocation events.



Targeted Protein Degradation

Identify new molecular entities, such as PROTACs® that modulate endogenous protein levels in physiologically-relevant cell models using a homogenous assay format. SPRINTer Protein Turnover Biosensor Assays enable sensitive quantitation of PROTAC-mediated degradation of the target of interest. These stable biosensor cell lines have been engineered using gene editing with CRISPR/Cas9 and our well-established EFC technology.



Signaling Pathway Reporter Assays

PathHunter cell-based, functional assays to evaluate distal (after transcription) responses of diverse signaling pathways (e.g. NF-kB, NFAT and STAT3). Orthogonal assays to proximal-based (receptor site) assays to gain a comprehensive understanding of the drug molecule’s MOA.



Pharmacotrafficking Assays

PathHunter cell-based pharmacotrafficking assays provide a simple and quantitative tool for broad pharmacological characterization and interrogation of compound function in disease processes associated with protein trafficking and internalization due to protein misfolding.



Do-It-Yourself Assays

Take advantage of Eurofins DiscoverX’s robust patented Enzyme Fragment Complementation technology to develop your own stable cell lines and cell-based assays to study protein-protein interactions, compound-target engagement, cytotoxicity, protein translocation, and much more.



Custom Assay Development

When an off-the-shelf option is not available, trust Eurofins DiscoverX custom assay development program to create assays, cell lines, and protein solutions that will deliver the quality results you expect. We offer a wide range of custom services to support drug development programs from discovery to lot release.



Product Types


Cells and Cell Lines

Over 1,300 stable cell lines, cell pools, frozen cells, and effector cells available in various cell backgrounds and for a broad range of target classes. Stable cell lines are confirmed for over 10 passages and can be used for multiple small molecule and biologics screening or profiling applications.



Assay Ready Kits

Eurofins DiscoverX Assay Ready kits are complete kits for performing quick, high-throughput cell-based assay functional and binding assessment of your small molecule compounds or biologics. These kits include one-time use cryopreserved cells, required detection reagents and plating media, assay plates, and convenient no-wash protocols.



Bioassay Kits

Bioassay kits provide high lot-to-lot reproducibility to support the lifetime of the biologic drug. They deliver excellent precision and linearity, making them ideal for comparability studies, QC lot release testing, and stability studies.



eXpress Kits

Utilize eXpress kits to screen your molecules in-house or test an assay quickly. Minimize assay development time and eliminate time-consuming cell culture. Simply thaw, plate, and run the assay!



Frozen Cells

Quick, hassle-free, and single-use cryopreserved cells with high cellular viability and resulting in large assay signal. These ready-to-assay GPCR frozen cells come with plating media and enough cells to run either 96- or 384-well plate assays in full or half plate formats.



Membrane Preps

Single-use, membrane preps derived from stable cell lines for superior cell surface expression and lot-to-lot consistency. GPCR membrane preps are designed for saturation and competitive radioligand binding and GTPγS functional studies, while the hERG ion channel membrane prep is for screening antagonists against the hERG channel.



Proteins & Kinases

Recombinant kinase, phosphatase, and epigenetic proteins available with strict quality control for the utmost purity, specific activity, and lot-to-lot consistency. These highly validated proteins have been used for decades by our Eurofins Discovery screening and profiling services giving you the assurance you need.



Cell Culture Reagents

Optimized cell culture reagents for consistent, reliable, and high quality results for culturing PathHunter, KILR®, InCELL, and cAMP Hunter cell lines. These reagents are carefully formulated to provide the ideal cell morphology, cell viability, and maximal assay performance. The utilization of these reagents assures a convenient solution that yields successful research outcomes that minimizes assay development time.



Detection Reagents

Eurofins DiscoverX offers detection reagents optimized for PathHunter, KILR, InCELL, and cAMP Hunter cell lines. Utilize these reagents for a variety of applications such as detecting cell-based protein-protein interactions, cell death, compound-protein binding, translocation, and more.



Biochemical Assays

Robust, easy-to-use, high throughput, and homogeneous assays that accurately detect cAMP, calcium, cGMP, or ADP levels in cell lines, membrane preps, or serum samples without the need for optimization or specialized equipment. Achieve precise characterization of ligand pharmacology with large assay windows, sensitive detection, and wide dynamic range.



Control Ligands & Inhibitors

Take advantage of highly purified, pre-qualified reference ligands designed to be used with PathHunter, KILR, InCELL, and cAMP Hunter cell lines as well as Assay Ready eXpress and bioassay kits. These small molecule, peptide, and recombinant protein ligands will ensure you the best assay results for your experiments.


Don't see an assay you need?

If we currently don't offer a particular assay or set of assays required for your program, consider our Custom Assay Development Services program. Or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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