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Epigenetic Screening & Profiling Services

Eurofins DiscoverX offers a suite of assays for epigenetic targets to enable identification and classification of inhibitors based on potency, selectivity and in vitro efficacy.  BROMOscan®, is an industry leading collection of 40 validated, quantitative binding assays. Combining EFC technology with epigenetic target biology, our EPIscan menu includes a growing list of cell-based bromodomain & histone methyltransferase binding assays enables rank ordering of compounds based on cellular binding and potency. With our BioMAP® primary human cell model systems, phenotypic signatures can be generated to gain insight into mechanism of action, efficacy & safety-related effects in the context of human diseases. 
Used alone or in combination, these powerful platforms can be applied to all stages of drug discovery and are ideal for identifying potent and selective small molecule inhibitors to emerging epigenetic targets.

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Eurofins DiscoverX Epigenetic Service Solutions Portfolio

BioMAP - Human Primary Cell Model Systems