Galanin receptor 1 (GALR1)

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GAL1-R; GALNR; GALNR1; GALR-1; galanin receptor 1; galanin receptor type 1
The neuropeptide galanin elicits a range of biological effects by interaction with specific G-protein-coupled receptors. Galanin receptors are seven-transmembrane proteins shown to activate a variety of intracellular second-messenger pathways. GALR1 inhibits adenylyl cyclase via a G protein of the Gi/Go family. GALR1 is widely expressed in the brain and spinal cord, as well as in peripheral sites such as the small intestine and heart. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
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Assay Readout Background Species Cell Line
β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0228C2
Internalization U2OS Human 93-0781C3
cAMP CHO-K1 Human 95-0058C2
Assay Readout Background Species Assay Kit
cAMP CHO-K1 Human 95-0058E2CP2M
cAMP CHO-K1 Human 95-0058E2CP2L
β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0228E2CP0M
β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0228E2CP0L
Internalization U2OS Human 93-0781E3CP5M
Internalization U2OS Human 93-0781E3CP5L
KINOMEscan TKscan BROMOscan NHRscan GPCRscan PATHscan
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