G-protein coupled receptor 61 (GPR61)

Target Class
Class A Orphan
Official Symbol
Accession Number
Alias Names
BALGR; G protein-coupled receptor 61; GPCR3; biogenic amine receptor-like G-protein coupled receptor; biogenic amine receptor-like GPCR; probable G-protein coupled receptor 61
This gene belongs to the G-protein coupled receptor 1 family. G protein-coupled receptors contain 7 transmembrane domains and transduce extracellular signals through heterotrimeric G proteins. The protein encoded by this gene is most closely related to biogenic amine receptors. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
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Class A Orphan

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Assay Readout Background Species Cell Line
β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0407C2A
Assay Readout Background Species Assay Kit
β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0407E2ACP1M
β-Arrestin CHO-K1 Human 93-0407E2ACP1L
KINOMEscan TKscan BROMOscan NHRscan GPCRscan PATHscan
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