activin A receptor, type IB (ACVR1B)

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ACTRIB; ACVRLK4; ALK4; SKR2; activin A receptor, type IB; activin A receptor, type II-like kinase 4; activin receptor type-1B; activin receptor-like kinase 4; serine/threonine-protein kinase receptor R2
This gene encodes an activin A type IB receptor. Activins are dimeric growth and differentiation factors which belong to the transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) superfamily of structurally related signaling proteins. Activins signal through a heteromeric complex of receptor serine kinases which include at least two type I and two type II receptors. This protein is a type I receptor which is essential for signaling. Mutations in this gene are associated with pituitary tumors. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants.[provided by RefSeq, Jun 2010]
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Assay Measures Background Species Cell Line
ACVR1B/BMPR2 Dimerization U2OS Human 93-1072C3
Assay Measures Background Species Assay Kit
ACVR1B/BMPR2 Dimerization U2OS Human 93-1072E3CP5M
ACVR1B/BMPR2 Dimerization U2OS Human 93-1072E3CP5L
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