Apoptosis Pathway

Cancer cells are known to over-express a number of anti-apoptotic proteins that belong to the BCL2 family, on the surface of the mitochondria. These proteins interact with pro-apoptotic proteins and regulate the intrinsic apoptotic pathway by controlling the mitochondrial membrane permeability and release of the pro-apoptotic factor; Cytochrome c which initiates activation of the Caspase cascade and apoptosis.

DiscoveRx now offers a novel, direct, cell-based assays to study these apoptotic players. No more assay development required; you can obtain pre-validated biosensor cell lines that allows you to screen for protein interaction inhibitors (small molecules or siRNA) in a HTS-friendly and simple assay format!


Features and Benefits

  • Simple, HTS-friendly protocol
  • Whole cell, chemiluminescent assay
  • Avoid antibodies and lengthy FLOW based assay development


  • Broad applicability
  • Screen for small molecule inhibitors of protein interaction
  • Screen for siRNA

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