[User Manual] ChemiSCREEN™ and ChemiBRITE™ Cell Lines

[User Manual] ChemiSCREEN™ and ChemiBRITE™ Cell Lines
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The ChemiSCREEN and ChemiBRITE Cell Lines are designed to enable the measurement of intracellular calcium levels when a GPCR of interest has been activated by a ligand. These cell lines are suitable for studying small molecules as well as biologics. The assay protocol has been optimized for use in either a 384-well or 96-well format.

ChemiSCREEN and ChemiBRITE cells stably express the target of interest in cell backgrounds that are highly suitable for measurement of calcium flux upon receptor activation. Depending on the target, the cells can also contain recombinant promiscuous G proteins to allow for coupling to the calcium signaling pathway. This approach provides a common platform for interrogating receptor signaling independently of the native coupling status.