[User Manual] HitHunter® cAMP Assay for Small Molecules

[User Manual] HitHunter® cAMP Assay for Small Molecules

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The HitHunter cAMP Assay for Small Molecules kits provide a robust, highly sensitive, and easy-to-use assay for monitoring G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) activation based on 3'-5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) production in cells. This kit is ideal for screening and profiling small molecules. For testing biologics samples (e.g. crude biologic samples in serum or plasma, purified or non-purified antibodies [anti-ligand or anti-receptor], and hybridoma supernatants), we suggest using the HitHunter cAMP Assay for Biologics which is designed specifically for biologics and large molecule applications. Cell lines from other sources are also compatible with the HitHunter cAMP Assay.

The Detailed Assay Protocol sections in this user manual contain procedures for testing agonists on Gαs receptor assays, Gαi Agonist, Gαs and Gαi Antagonist, Anti-Ligand Antibody, as well as suggestions for testing PAMs and NAMs. An alternate protocol suitable for high-throughput screening is also included.