[User Manual] Native Calcium GPCR Assays

[User Manual] Native Calcium GPCR Assays
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Native Calcium GPCR Assays provide a fast, reliable method for detection of changes in intracellular calcium. Cells expressing a receptor of interest that signals through calcium are pre-loaded with a calcium-sensitive dye and then treated with compound. Upon stimulation, the receptor signals release of intracellular calcium, which results in an increase of dye fluorescence. The assay provides a homogenous assay format for detection of calcium mobilization and measurement of intracellular calcium provides valuable information on the activation status of GPCRs and ion channels. Signal is measured on a fluorescent plate reader equipped with fluidic handling capable of detecting rapid changes in fluorescence upon compound stimulation. These assays are designed to be compatible with both 96-well and 384-well plate formats.