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Webinar: Combining Target-Based and Phenotypic Discovery Assays for Drug Repurposing


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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Sharlene Velichko, Ph.D.
Director, Research Biology
DiscoverX Corporation

Drug repurposing can be a cost-effective means of addressing unmet medical needs. For drugs such as kinase inhibitors that can have multiple targets, a strategy that combines both target-based and phenotypic screening can be highly efficient at identifying optimal repurposing opportunities. Here we will show an example of how phenotypic profiling identified approved kinase inhibitors as having the potential to be repurposed as anti-fibrotic therapeutics.

What will be covered?

  • Using phenotypic profiling to characterize clinically successful drugs for a given indication
  • Combining target-based and phenotypic data to prioritize drugs for repurposing
  • Understanding how multi-targeted kinases can be pivoted towards new indications

Who should attend?

  • Drug developers with an asset in trials or an approved drug
  • In-licensing groups
  • Out-licensing groups looking to quickly add value to their offering