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Webinar: Creating Cellular Target Engagement Assays for Diverse Kinases Using InCELL Pulse™


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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(20-minute seminar, 10-minute Q&A)

Kinase inhibitors often potently inhibit several off-target kinases in biochemical assays. Unfortunately, the relevance of these off-target interactions in a cellular setting is difficult to assess due to a lack of functional assays for diverse kinases. For this same reason, the validation of new kinase targets for drug discovery has been limited as well.

This webinar will focus on DiscoverX’s InCELL Pulse™  platform and the tools to create your own cellular target engagement assays to analyze inhibitors of diverse kinases including common off-target kinases identified in biochemical inhibitor selectivity screens.

What will be covered?

  • Overview of compound-target engagement and InCELL Pulse platform
  • Kinase drug discovery importance
  • Tools and workflow needed to create your own target engagement assay
  • Validation data showing several examples of diverse kinases

Who should attend?

  • Researchers developing compound-target engagement assays
  • Basic researchers, assay development scientists, and hit-to-lead drug discovery scientists
  • Enzymologists studying kinases (could apply to other enzymes, nuclear, and intracellular protein targets like hydrolases, methyltransferases, and bromodomains)