Convenient “Thaw & Use” Bioassay Kits

Largest menu of targets, optimized for superior bioassay performance

PathHunter® assays are available as “thaw & use” Bioassay kits, for superior reproducibility and ease of use. These rapid kits bypass the need for expensive and time-consuming cell culture with its complex documentation, reducing lab work errors and ultimately saving time and money.   See How it Works

PathHunter Bioassay: Intra-lot and Inter-lot Reproducibility

Intra-lot reproducibility       GLP1R.png
PathHunter bioassays were characterized in studies that evaluated reproducibility. We tested five randomly selected vials from a single lot as well as 3 different lots produced at different times. The assays gave a 3-7 %CV inter-lot and intra-lot variability.

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Contact a specialist to obtain more information about our “Convenient 'ready-to-use' bioassays” intra-operator reproducibility data & protocols as simple as Plate-Treat-Read.
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Kit Components

Each PathHunter Bioassay Kit is sufficient for at least 1,000 data points and contains the following components:

  • 10 vials of frozen ready-to-assay cells
  • Detection reagents
  • Cell Plating Reagent
  • Antibody Dilution Buffer
  • Control Agonist
  • 10 x 96-well Tissue Culture Treated Plates

Features of PathHunter Bioassay Kits

  • Contains all components necessary for assay
  • High inter- and intra-lot reproducibility (<10% CV)
  • Simple protocol with results in 24 hours or less
  • Ease of transfer to CMOs or CROs
  • Scalable assay and kit size