Cell Lines and Primary Cells

Engineered cell lines and primary cells are important tools used for in vitro cell-based assays that replicate the physiology of biological systems. Primary cells are isolated or derived directly from living tissues, and retain morphological and functional characteristics of their source. Cell lines are derived or engineered from primary cells and can be propagated repeatedly and kept in culture for longer time periods. These cells provide the cost-effective ability to deliver more physiologically relevant results reproducibly.


Eurofins DiscoverX® provides the largest collection of fully qualified, functional whole cell assays that enable unique drug discovery and development solutions at every stage of your research, with over two decades of experience in generating stable cell lines of unsurpassed quality and industry-validated performance. These cell lines have been used to screen billions of data points including screening daily by Eurofins Discovery, and they have been used to bring many therapeutics to the market.


Eurofins DiscoverX offers over 1,300 stable cell lines, cell pools, frozen cells, and primary immune effector cells for a broad range of mechanism of action (MOA) reflective target-based assays for target classes including GPCRs, kinases, cytokines, checkpoint inhibitors, ion channels, epigenetics, nuclear proteins, and several applications such as for cytotoxicity studies.


Use the application-specific detection kits with your appropriate cell line model for a complete ready-to-use, functional cell-based assay to interrogate the MOA of your small molecule or biologic, measure and rank ligands potencies, perform binding and functional screens, implement as lot release assay, and much more.


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Advantages of Cells and Cell Lines

  • Robust Performance – Rigorously and continuously validated for accurate pharmacology through Eurofins Discovery with billions of data points screened
  • Versatile Use – Interrogate diverse MOAs with broad applications ideal for small molecules and biologics screening or profiling
  • Diverse – Select relevant cell models from over 50 cell types such as HEK 293, CHO-K1, U2OS, and more
  • Established – Implemented in thousands of screening programs and over 50 lot release programs for biologics

Cell Line Development Expertise

Eurofins DiscoverX has over 2 decades of experience engineering and developing cell lines with diverse cell backgrounds, expression systems, and reporters.

  • A wide selection of diverse cell backgrounds (e.g. HEK 293, CHO, U2OS, 1321N1, Jurkat, Raji, Daudi, and more) in their appropriate adherent or suspension cell models
  • Engineered to accurately represent the target biology
  • Extensively evaluated target expression using by qPCR, flow cytometry, immunofluorescence, or Western blotting
  • Receptor expression and performance stability confirmed for a minimum of 20 passages
  • Implement as single cell or co-culture models as relevant to the drug’s MOA

In-house Cell Line Development Capabilities

  • Vector development using a viral delivery systems based on retrovirus or lentivirus
  • Engineered systems using heterologous expression systems with either constitutive (e.g. CMV) or inducible (e.g. tetracycline) promoters
  • CRISPR/Cas9 capabilities for knockouts and knock-ins
  • Multiple reporter systems for functional readouts including Enzyme Fragment Complementation (EFC) with luminescent read-out

Cell Line and Primary Cell Products

  • Stable Cell Lines - Stable cell lines extensively validated with billions of compounds, confirmed stability beyond 10 passages, and usable for a variety of research and drug discovery and development applications
  • KILR® Effector Cells - Single donor-derived human primary cytotoxic T cells to measure target cell death using antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity and bi-specific antibody-mediated T Cell Redirection assays for screening, characterization, and QC lot release of antibody drugs
  • KILR Cell Lines and Pools - Stable cell lines and cell pools to specifically measure target cell death in co-cultures using a simple, non-radioactive, and dye-free method that can be easily implemented in drug discovery through QC lot release programs
  • GPCR cAMP and Calcium Cells - Ready-to-assay GPCR cryo-preserved cells validated for cAMP accumulation and calcium flux applications and ideal for screening of agonists, antagonists and various modulators
  • Parental Cell Lines - Engineered cells to generate your own assays to measure internalization, β-arrestin recruitment, pharmacotrafficking, and translocation assays of your membrane protein of interest, as well as receptor-specific signaling pathway activation

Custom and Toolbox Products

  • Custom Capabilities - Utilize DiscoverX’s expertise in cell line engineering and assay development capabilities for your program-specific requirements
  • Toolbox Products - Build your own stable cell lines and cell-based assays from a complete set of parental cell lines, expression and cloning vectors, kits, and retroparticles