Immuno-Oncology Product Solutions

Accelerate Cancer Immunotherapeutic Discovery and Development with Cell-Based, Clinically Relevant Assays

Immuno-Oncology (IO) is a class of treatment modality designed to augment the body’s natural immune defense against cancer. The IO space is currently dominated by therapeutics development programs targeting immune checkpoint modulators and cytokines as these molecules hold significant promise in cancer therapy. Another key modality is the modulation of Fc-mediated effector mechanisms of therapeutic antibodies, including ADCC, ADCP, CAR-T, CAR-NK, CDC, and other cytotoxicity-focused applications.


Eurofins DiscoverX® offers the most comprehensive products portfolio of cell lines, cell pools, eXpress assay and bioassay kits, and retroparticles to enable fast, effective, and clinically relevant understanding of IO targets, their pathways, and mechanisms to empower quicker development of IO therapeutics. Continuous culture cell lines allow for full-scale interrogation, screening, and profiling of IO therapeutic MOAs (mechanism of actions), while the ready-to-use qualified bioassays are developed to meet the industry requirements and regulatory expectations. Eurofins DiscoverX offers fast and seamless implementation for IO therapeutic MOA confirmation, stability studies, and potency testing in QC lot release programs as a thaw-and-assay platform.


Learn how you can rapidly screen and develop small molecules, biologics (peptides, antibodies, or bispecific antibodies), or cellular therapies for your IO drug discovery and development program.


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Advantages of Immuno-Oncology Products

Fast-track your IO drug discovery and development with physiologically relevant cell-based assays. Eurofins DiscoverX offers the most comprehensive portfolio of cell-based assays to enable fast, effective, and clinically relevant understanding of IO to interrogate targets, pathways, and mechanisms to empower quicker development of IO therapeutics.


  • MOA-Reflective Assays – Designed for regulatory acceptance, these assays are intended to interrogate specific target biology for fast implementation through discovery, validation, characterization, and development stages of an intended therapeutic
  • Broad Coverage of Checkpoint Modulators – Industry’s most comprehensive menu of stable cell lines and ready-to-use bioassays for targets including PD-1, SIRPα, CTLA4, OX40, ICOS, and many others
  • Comprehensive Cytokine Receptor Assays – Functional assays for >85% of human interleukins receptors as well as cytokine-like interleukins, GM-CSF, interferons, chemokines, TNFα, TGF-β, and Ig superfamily receptor types
  • Specific Cytotoxicity Assays – Specifically measure direct target cell death in co-cultures using relevant immune effector cells with KILR® cytotoxicity assays for ADCC, ADCP, CAR-T, T cell redirection, and adoptive T cell therapy

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  • KILR® Cytotoxicity Assays – Non-radioactive, dye-free cytotoxicity assays to specifically measure targeted cell death in a co-culture with immune effector cells. Assays are designed to detect cancer cell death for applications like ADCC, CDC, ADCP, T cell redirection and CAR-T
  • Checkpoint Receptor Assays – MOA-reflective functional assays enabling characterization, screening, lead optimization, and potency assay development of small molecule and biologic drugs for co-stimulatory and inhibitory checkpoint receptors. Assays include signaling; receptor dimerization, internalization, and clustering; and bispecific antibody development modalities
  • Cytokine Receptor Assays – Cell-based assays for characterization, functional screening, QC lot release testing, and neutralizing antibody studies of drugs targeting cytokine/interleukin receptors. Assays include receptor dimerization, SH2 recruitment, IB degradation, β-arrestin recruitment, and STAT3 transcriptional reporter mechanisms
  • Signaling Reporter Assays – Orthogonal, functional cell-based assays with a downstream read-out used for screening and quantifying activation and inhibition of various signaling pathways

Custom and Toolbox Products

  • Custom Capabilities – Custom cell lines and assays capabilities optimized to fit your requirements
  • Toolbox Products – Complete set of parental cell lines, expression and cloning vectors, kits, and retroparticles to build your own stable cell lines and cell-based assays

Assay Principles

Assay Principles

Whether you are developing small molecule or biologic therapeutics, Eurofins DiscoverX provides you with a variety of drug discovery and development products based on the Enzyme Fragment Complementation platform for multiple applications to meet your specific IO research needs.

Access Products by Target Families

Cytokine Receptors

Ligand (Assay Mechanism) Ligand (Assay Mechanism)
G-CSF (SH2 Recruitment) IL-17E (IL-17RA/IL-17RB Dimerization)
GM-CSF (CSFR2A/CSFR2B Dimerization) IL-17F (IL-17RA/IL-17RC Dimerization)
M-CSF (CSF1R/CSF1R Dimerization) IL-18 (IL-18R/IL-18RAcP Dimerization)
IL-1RN (IκB Degradation & IL-1R1/IL-1RAP Dimerization) IL-20 (IL-20R1/IL-20R2 Dimerization)
IL-1α (IκB Degradation & IL-1R1/IL-1RAP Dimerization) IL-21 (IL-21R/IL-2RG Dimerization)
IL-1β (IκB Degradation) IL-22 (IL-22R/IL-10RB Dimerization)
IL-2 (IL-2RB/IL-2RG & IL-2RB IL-2RG/IL-2RA Dimerization) IL-23 (IL-23R/IL-12RB1 Dimerization)
IL-3 (IL-3R/CD131 (CSF2RB) Dimerization) IL-24 (IL-20R1/IL-20R2 Dimerization)
IL-4 (IL-4R/IL-2RG & IL-4R/IL-13R Dimerization) IL-26 (IL-20R1/IL-10RB Dimerization)
IL-5 (IL-5R/CSF2RB Dimerization) IL-27 (IL-27RA/IL6ST Dimerization)
IL-6 (IL-6RA/IL-6ST Dimerization) IL-28A (IFNLR1/IL-10RB Dimerization)
IL-7 (IL-7R/IL-2RG Dimerization) IL-28B (IFNLR1/IL-10RB Dimerization)
IL-8 (CXCR1 & CXCR2 β-Arrestin Recruitment) IL-29 (IFNLR1/IL-10RB Dimerization)
IL-9 (IL-9R/IL-2RG Dimerization) IL-31 (OSMRb/IL-31RA Dimerization)
IL-10 (IL-10RA/IL-10RB Dimerization) IL-33 (IL-1RL1 (ST2)/IL-1RAP Dimerization)
IL-11 (STAT3 Transcriptional Reporter & IL-11R/IL-6ST Dimerization) OSM (OSMRb/IL-6ST Dimerization)
IL-12 (IL-12RB1/IL-12RB2 Dimerization) TNFα (IL-17RD/TNFR2 Dimerization)
IL-13 (IL-4R/IL-13R Dimerization) TSLP (IL-7R/TSLP-R Dimerization)
IL-15 (IL-2RB/IL-2RG Dimerization)
IL-17A (IL-17RA/IL-17RC Dimerization)

Additional assays for ligands CLCF1, CNTF, CTF1, NP, LIF, IL-14, IL-16, IL-1F10, IL-17B & C, IL-32, IL-34, IL-35, IL-36A, B, C & RN, and IL-37 are available upon request.