Biochemical Assays

Sensitive Detection with Versatile Applications for Drug Discovery

Eurofins DiscoverX offers optimized and validated assays for studying a wide range of signaling targets. The Biochemical Assays have robust performance, high reproducibility, and high serum tolerance, making them ideal for accelerating bench-top assay development or high throughput screening. Including both chemiluminescent and fluorescent read-outs, Eurofins DiscoverX’s Biochemical Assays are user-friendly and scalable to multi-well format, allowing for rapid identification of relevant hits with accurate pharmacology.


Versatile cAMP Assays for Small Molecules and Biologics

HitHunter® cAMP Assays

Accurately detect cellular cAMP levels for a variety of biologics and small molecules ligands and applications. Assays to monitor GPCR activation through chemiluminescent detection of cAMP production in cells. Pre-validated for over 125 cell lines and referenced in over 400 peer reviewed publications.

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Fast, Reliable, Low-Cost Alternative to Traditional Wash & Quench-Based Assays

HitHunter Calcium No WashPLUS Assays

Measurement of intracellular calcium provides valuable information on the activation status of GPCRs and ion channels. Eurofins DiscoverX’s Calcium Assay provides a flexible single-step, no-wash protocol and can be used with adherent and suspension cell lines.

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Ideal Assay for Kinase Profiling & High Throughput Screening Applications

ADP Accumulation Assays

The Eurofins DiscoverX ADP accumulation assay is a generic, antibody-free, homogeneous assay platform that detects kinase activity by monitoring ATP depletion. Reliably measure phosphotransferase-mediated production of ADP, providing a positive signal that increases in direct proportion to ADP accumulation.

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In Vitro Based Competitive Immunoassay for Precise Detection of cGMP

HitHunter® cGMP Assays

Directly measure cellular cGMP from any cell line using the HitHunter cGMP Assay Kit. This is an ideal assay for studying cGMP-dependent phosphodiesterases and cGMP signaling receptors. It is compatible with multi-well format.

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Custom Assay Development Services

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