Recombinant Proteins & Enzymes

Eurofins DiscoverX has over 20 years of experience as the first commercial supply of kinases geared towards screening and profiling potential drugs. Since then we have introduced reproducibly active recombinant phosphatases and epigenetic proteins as well as expanded our kinase portfolio to cover the human kinome. Utilize the same proteins and enzymes in your discovery that are used in the renowned KinaseProfiler™, PhosphataseProfiler™, and epigenetic screening and profiling services used to screen millions of compounds.

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Advantages of Recombinant Proteins

  • High Quality - Strict quality control for the highest purity, specific activity, and lot-to-lot consistency
  • Large Portfolio - Over 460 active, inactive, and unactivated kinases covering the human kinome including AKT, Erk, Met, EGFR, Raf, PI3 Kinases, mTOR, and ATM and ATR recombinant enzymes
  • Diverse Targets - Various epigenetic readers, writers, and erasers and disease-relevant mutant kinases and phosphatases
  • Assurance - Same proteins used for decades by our Eurofins Discovery screening and profiling services
  • Multiple Sizes - Multiple pack and bulk sizing available to provide you with flexible options from a one-time experiment to a full-blown HTS campaign

Protein Expression and Purification Capabilities

  • Over 50 years’ experience in protein/enzyme production including co-expression of multi-subunit protein complexes
  • Rapid 1-4 weeks per production run
  • Custom vialing and packaging, and scalable from 50 mL up to hundreds of mLs
  • Strict QC procedures to determine yields, protein concentrations, protein confirmation, and purity (>95%)

Browse By Target

  • Kinases: View over 400 active, inactive, and unactivated kinases available as human, mouse, rat and other species; expressed from bacterial, insect or mammalian cells; and either tagged (e.g. GST, His6, FLAG, cMyc) or untagged
  • Phosphatases: Utilize the same phosphatase, expressed in E. coli and tagged (e.g. GST, His6) or untagged, in your discovery that are used in the renowned PhosphataseProfiler drug discovery services

Early Access Products

Novel kinases recently added to KinaseProfiler drug discovery service are now available for purchase to extend your discovery efforts internally. Email to request a protein from the table below or custom lot production of any proteins from the catalog.

Catalog No. Description Catalog No. Description Catalog No. Description
16-043-K AAK1, active 16-003-K DRAK2, active 16-026-K Plk4, active
16-009-K ACTR2, active 15-028-K GRK3, active 15-029-K PRK1, active
16-052-K ActRIIB, active 16-054-K IRE2, active 15-006-K PRKG2, active
16-044-K BIKe, active 16-032-K LIMK2, active 16-005-K PRP4, active
16-001-K BMPR2, active 16-010-K MAK, active 16-022-K RIPK1, active
15-001-K CaM Kinase Iβ, active 15-030-K MAP4K3, active 16-029-K SBK1, active
15-022-K CaMKK1, active 15-004-K MAP4K5, active 15-011-K SIK3, active
16-008-K CDK12/cyclin K, active 15-032-K MARK3, active 15-027-K SLK, active
16-023-K CDK13/cyclin K, active 15-009-K MARK4, active 16-036-K SRMS, active
15-034-K CDK14/cyclin Y, active 16-015-K MEKK3, active 16-035-K STK16, active
16-041-K CDK16/cyclin Y, active 16-037-K MKK3, active 16-021-K STK32B, active
16-042-K CDK17/cyclin Y, active 16-039-K MLK3, active 16-012-K STK32C, active
15-031-K CDK18/cyclin Y, active 16-046-K MRCKγ, active 16-024-K TAF1L, active
16-002-K CDKL1, active 15-008-K MYO3B, active 16-014-K TGFBR2, active
16-034-K CDKL2, active 16-028-K NDR2, active 15-016-K TNIK, active
16-027-K CDKL3, active 15-033-K NEK4, active 16-016-K TRB2, active
16-031-K CDKL4, active 16-038-K PDHK2, active 15-018-K TTBK1, active
16-050-K CK1α, active 15-024-K PDHK4, active 16-033-K VRK1, active
16-045-K CK1ε, active 16-018-K PhKγ1, active 16-006-K Wee1B, active
15-026-K CLIK1, active 15-007-K PKAcβ, active 16-007-K WNK1, active
16-040-K CRIK, active 15-013-K PKD3, active 16-047-K WNK4, active

Don't see a product you need?

If we currently do not offer a particular product required for your program, consider our Custom Assay Development Services or contact us to discuss your needs.