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Recombinant proteins in drug discovery and development are exogenous proteins expressed in a production organism and used for the treatment or prevention of disease in humans or animals. Kinases are cell signaling enzymes that catalyze the transfer of a phosphate group from ATP to its substrate, while phosphatases are regulatory enzymes that remove the phosphate group. Epigenetic proteins modify the structure of DNA or its associated proteins, such as histones, in order to regulate gene expression. These proteins play roles in the regulation of intracellular signaling pathways or modulate epigenetic mechanisms. Ubiquitin proteins perform key roles in protein degradation pathways and cellular processes such as DNA repair, gene expression, and endocytosis.


There are ~538 kinases in the human genome (eLife Sciences, 2021), and they are generally grouped into either serine/threonine, tyrosine, or lipid kinases. Kinase substrates include a variety of intracellular proteins and molecules, including other kinases, transcription factors, lipids, and other proteins. The phosphorylation and dephosphorylation of the substrate modifies its enzymatic activity. These activities include diverse cellular processes, including cell division, protein synthesis, transcriptional regulation, and neurotransmission. Activating mutations of kinases, or their dysregulation by upstream factors, that lead to either gain-of-function or loss-of-function are implicated in many diseases, including cancer.


Eurofins DiscoverX® provides a new home for the original Millipore (Upstate) kinase enzyme portfolio covering over 70% of the active human kinome. View the comprehensive portfolio of over 440 active, mutant, and inactive recombinant kinases available in multiple pack sizes, including bulk sizing, to provide you with scalable options. Dissect the physiological role of kinases and phosphatases, screen for inhibitors, or perform enzymatic kinases or phosphatase activity assays. Access the same proteins used daily in the renowned KinaseProfiler, PhosphataseProfiler, and EPIscan services, and receive the quality and confidence that comes with screening hundreds of millions of data points generated over the past several decades.


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Advantages of Recombinant Proteins

  • Comprehensive Portfolio - Over 520 high quality active, inactive, unactive, and mutant kinases, phosphatases, and epigenetic and ubiquitin proteins, including many exclusive enzymes along with the PI3K and the PIKK group (ATM, ATR, mTOR, and DNA-PK)
  • Optimal Expression Systems - Enzymes produced in their optimal system (insect, mammalian, or bacterial) to give the correct characteristics for activity and inhibition
  • High Quality - Rigorous quality-control procedures ensure the highest purity, specific activity, and lot-to-lot consistency
  • Multiple Sizes - Multiple pack sizes and bulk sizing available to provide you with flexible options from a one-time experiment to a full-blown HTS campaign

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  • All proteins
  • Kinases – View over 440 active, inactive, and unactivated kinases available as human, mouse, rat, and other species; expressed from bacterial, insect, or mammalian cells
  • Phosphatases – Utilize the same phosphatase, expressed in E. coli and tagged (e.g. GST, His6) or untagged, in your discovery that are used in the renowned PhosphataseProfiler drug discovery services
  • Epigenetic Proteins – Recombinant epigenetic proteins, expressed in E. coli and tagged (e.g. GST, His6), and used in EPIscan screening and profiling services (based on the novel InCELL Hunter technology)

New Proteins

β-Catenin IKKg P53 Src UbcH6
Cardiac Troponin I IκBα Parkin TRAF6 UbcH7
c-Cbl Kit SCFFbw7 UbcH13/Uev1A UBE1
Cyclin E1 MDM2/CK1d SCFβTrCP1 UbcH4 XIAP
HIF-1a MuRF1 Smac/DIABLO UbcH5  
Hsp70 P27 Smad7 UbcH5a  
Idol P38/JTV-1 Smurf1 UbcH5c  

Custom Products

  • Custom Capabilities – Custom cell lines, assays, and protein development capabilities optimized to your requirements.

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